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BrailleRing: The Braille Revolution

This innovative text displaying device for blind people combines the benefits of both larger and portable conventional Braille displays by putting the conventionally flat line of text displayed on the inside of a ring. It is thus possible to display long lines of Braille text with a small and portable device.

Small Device, Big Vision

Tetragon's concept is radically different from current refreshable braille displays. The outcome of this innovation are benefits like:

  • small and portable
  • possibility to show a line of text as long as you want it to be
  • Braille dots that do not sag under the pressure of your finger
Rendering of BrailleRing
A rendering of BrailleRing, showing the Braille dots at the inside of the ring.

With ongoing development over the next years we also expect to finally achieve additional goals like great robustness, easy cleaning, exchangeable modules and a price that can be compared to smartphones.

Innovative Technology

BrailleRing will be small and, nevertheless, be capable of showing long lines of text. This is achieved by a technology which presents the Braille characters on the inside of a rotating ring.

The reader will slide the entire device along a horizontal line thus causing the ring to rotate. While the reading finger rests at the bottom of the device, the rotating ring produces the familiar sliding movement of Braille characters across the fingertip. Display elements passing through the upper half of the ring are mechanically set to show new text.

Mockup in use
Mockup about the size of a computer mouse. The index finger resting at the inside of the ring is able to read passing Braille characters.
Working prototype
Working enlarged prototype. Here the rotation is caused by a motor. Only nine actuators at the upper half are needed to set all the characters.

The inventors are part of Tetragon's team.

Learn more about the Tetragon team

Designing The Future

We are currently doing further work on our prototypes, so the final product will differ from the presentation on this page. For example, all images shown here are displaying prototypes for six point Braille for simplification, whereas the final device is planned to feature eight dots.

Mockups and prototypes
Different mockups and prototypes we built. They are ranging from simple rings with static Braille characters on the inside up to our first working prototype.

Our plans for the future include:

  • Compatibility with any common operating system for smartphones, tablets and stationary computers
  • Possibility to read any text or DAISY file without the need of another device (e-book mode)
  • Removable drum unit for easy self-cleaning
  • Exchangeable drum units for different preferences in dot measurements

We are looking forward to develop the perfect device for our customers by conducting further studies with blind Braille experts. If you want to support us, please feel free contact us!

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