Tetragon's founders

About Us

Tetragon is an Austrian working group at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). The project is currently funded by an FFG program called Spin-off Fellowship, which sets the goal to found a spin-off company. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with visual impairments by developing innovative technology.


Michael Treml (Dipl.-Ing.)
Spin-off Fellow

Michael Treml studied Media Informatics. He came up with the initial idea of combining grouped Braille dots in a rotating device and started his work on the general concept and the software behind it in his master thesis. As Spin-off Fellow, he is now leading the project.

Michael Treml on LinkedIn

Michael Treml

Wolfgang Zagler (Dipl.-Ing. Dr.)
Accessibility Design

Wolfgang Zagler is a retired professor, who had his own working group for Assisting Technologies. He has decades of experience with Braille displays and was supervising two master theses in which the concept for our first product was developed. Even in his retirement he is eager to bring new assisting inventions to life.

Wolfgang Zagler on LinkedIn

Wolfgang Zagler

Dominik Busse (Dipl.-Ing.)

Dominik Busse studied Mechanical Engineering, where he specialized in Lighweight Structures and Applied Machine Elements. He is engineering and building prototypes for Tetragon since his master thesis.

Dominik Busse on LinkedIn

Dominik Busse

István Deák (M.Sc.)
Business Consultant

István Deák studied Mechanical Engineering and Management of Technology at the Universities of Technology in Vienna and Delft. He is already experienced as a founder and is now bringing his entrepeneurial passion to Tetragon.

István Deák on LinkedIn

István Deák

Other Team Members

Andreas Dünser (B.Sc.)
Biomedical Engineering

Andreas Dünser studied Biomedical Engineering at FH Technikum Wien. He joined Tetragon in early 2018 to build prototypes and conduct user studies for his bachelor thesis. Now he is continuing this work in the Spin-off Fellowship program.

Andreas Dünser on LinkedIn

Andreas Dünser

Georg Ehrenfels

Georg Ehrenfels learned the job of a watchmaker and is an expert in precision mechanics. He was part of Wolfgang Zagler's working group and is involved in the assembly of our mockups and prototypes since early stages.

Georg Ehrenfels

Mike Busboom (B.A.)
Braille Consultant

Mike Busboom is an expert in Braille reading and Tetragon's most important connection to the blind community, because he is blind himself. He has more than 20 years of experience in Braille display marketing and was also consulting Wolfgang Zagler's working group.

Mike Busboom