BrailleRing: The Braille Revolution

Tetragon is developing an innovative refreshable Braille display that will be small and, nevertheless, be capable of showing long lines of text. This is achieved by a ground-breaking technology which presents the Braille characters on the inside of a rotating ring.

ring-shaped mockup hold in one hand

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Tetragon is among the winners of the grant competition »Digital Humanism« offered by the Vienna Business Agency and the Vienna Science and Technology Fund. The grant is supporting us to develop a roadmap of how we want to bring assistive high-tech to low-income-countries. To work on this roadmap we will partner up with the Austrian NGO »Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs«.

Vienna Business Agency

Vienna Science and Technology Fund

Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs

With our company (GmbH) established and our remaining financing secured, we are finally able to receive our first installment of the FFG Kleinprojekte program. With this, we can once more fully engange in the further development of the BrailleRing.

FFG Small Scale Project

In the last couple of months we used our experience in actuator technology to try out a new concept which may enable us to develop a haptic full-screen display as a second product in the future. The Vienna Business Agency is supporting us with a funding in their R&D Collaboration Initiation program to set up a consortium for this additional project.

R&D Collaboration Initiation

Our founder Wolfgang Zagler participated in a panel discussion at ISPA’s Internet Summit Austria, focussing on the topic of accessibility and participation in the digital space. A video recording of the event can be watched at ISPA’s website.

Internet Summit Austria 2021 (in German)

Today we established Tetragon as a GmbH (limited liability company). Therefore, we no longer call our working group »ARGE Tetragon« or »Tetragon GesnbR«; our official name from now on is »TETRAGON Braille Systems GmbH«. Shareholders of this new company are Wolfgang Zagler, Michael Treml, Dominik Busse and Mike Busboom. Further, we welcome Matthias Gerwinat in our team as our managing director.

We were promised a new funding from FFG in their program called Kleinprojekt (Small Scale Project). Before we will receive the first installment, we have to establish a GmbH (limited liability company) and we have to secure the remaining financing for the project.

FFG Small Scale Project

Once again we were invited to present at this year's Zero Project Conference and we were also invited to join a small group of startups that work on Assistive Technology. To present our current challenges and future plans at the conference, we produced a new video that can now also be viewed on our website and on YouTube.

Zero Project Conference 2021

Our new video on YouTube

Today's FFG Spin-off Demo Day marked the official end of the Spin-off Fellowship, the funding program that supported our development in the last two years. Participants of the program presented their final results as well as their further plans and the event was accompanied by panel discussions. The whole online event was recorded by "der brutkasten" and can be viewed on YouTube.

Full event on YouTube (mostly in German)

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